5 Ways to Make a Bold Fashion Statement this Spring

Spring is a time to unleash your inner dare devil, as this is the season to be adventurous and daring with your style. So if you were planning to update your wardrobe or just reunite with some old attires – what a better time to start.

To show you just how you can make your look stand out this spring, I went roaming through the streets of London to see what stylish elements the ladies of the city were implementing to their style in order to create that bold fashion statement this season.

Chelsea Street Style

  1. A great way to stand out like the star you’re this spring is by colour blocking. Try mixing some of your favourite colours together and see what fashion masterpiece you can create.


London Street Fashion

2.  You can’t go wrong with a daring 70s look. Ruffles are back and they are causing a positive awakening in the world of fashion. Make your mark this spring by adding some ruffles to your style – you can pair your ruffle blouse with a pair of wide legged jeans or an A-line mini skirt.

Chelsea Fashion

3. Ladies and gentle men trench coats are still a must have item this time of the year – after all this is Britain we’re talking about. Make a bold statement with an oversized trench coat. What I love most about this look is that there are endless boundaries as to what you choose to pair your trench coat with.

Oxford Street Fashion

4. Nothing says spring like a pleated midi skirt – these should be on every woman’s list of items to wear this season. You can pair your pleated skirt with some leggings to get that classy and edgy look or you can wear them with some ankle length fishnet socks.

London Street Fashion

5. A leather jacket is all you need to make any outfit pop this season. Don’t just pick any old leather jacket – add some flavour to your look by opting for a biker jacket with some graphics or some 3D elements like spikes to give your outfit some character.

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