Best Street Styles at Paris Fashion Week 2018

Fortunate are those who were able to witness a fundamental moment in fashion history that was Paris Fashion Week 2018. Everything from the eye-popping garments that took the crowd by storm to the well-organised presentations, which managed to contribute towards the awesomeness of the weeklong event. Despite the temperature reaching a chilling minus zero degrees Celsius – many fashion influencers chose to go against the rules of cold weathers by dressing for the kill. The Femme Fall/Winter 2018/19 marked its territory across various parts of Paris, including Palais de Tokyo, Ritz, and Salon d’Eté, Atelier Richelieu, Hotel Shangri-La and Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt.

Giving us a lesson or two on what stylish items to wear and to expect for fall/winter 2018/19 were the likes of designers Chloé, Atlein, Una Wang, Paco Rabanne, Manish Arora, Yohji Yamamoto, Vanessa Seward, Hermés, Kenzo, Vivienne Westwood, Véronique Leroy and many more.

This year designers opted for rather more daring selections, with Rel Kawakubo for Comme des Garçon, who took flamboyance to a whole different level with his larger than life autumn/winter wear. Kawakubo’s designs reminded everyone that layers and fashion will forever go hand-in-hand. John Galliano was another designer who reportedly left the crowd in awe as they witnessed his genius demonstration of wearing clothes in reverse. His designs portrayed the true essence of self -expression while giving the crowd a run for their money.

Without a doubt the runways were not the only places dripping with style at Paris Fashion Week – the other place to find your winter fashion inspirations was just outside the fashion show, as some of the most fascinating outfits were being paraded through the streets of Paris. To prove this we have created a gallery featuring all the street styles that we captured at Paris Fashion Week 2018.

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